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Foto Hot DJ Gisva di Majalah Popular "Sexy in Lingerie"

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

DJ Gisva

Chit Chat with DJ Gisva

Not if you also have a sexy dancer?
Yeah, sexy dancer is different. It's something different. I want to try new things.

Look, there is also a sexy dancer who appeared topless but they move and move from one place to another. While still in DJ booth ...
Right now it is time for mixing songs. We can shout, moving. Why topless if other people can not see or just saw us quietly in the back booth. Now, with the action that people can see us. I wants to give presentation at topless entertainment with energetic movements, too.

Certainly need a sense of pe-de (confident, Red) is high for appearing topless in front of the public. You feel pe-de with your body?
Yes. I think the body I was okay. Kan as a dancer has been also performed half so topless.

Before learning the DJ, you were a dancer, sinetron, and pursue a photo model. Since when did you start to his dancers?
About a year ago. Initially there was no intention. Once when clubbing there is a girl who approached then invites acquaintances and ask for phone numbers. Had her lesbian thoughts. Turns out she invites nge-dance so. Actually I do not understand also dance, him to move bodies to the music while clubbing. Maybe DJ Gisva saw it good. Then I ditemuin with the manager. Sometime later turned out to be fun. In addition to money, can meet many people, too. But in the end I pulled out because it was entered on stage to equate the movement. There is choreography so, exercise a few times. Because they have the same movement, I was not able. I wants a sexy aja. A set-set was not good, he ... he ... he ...

What actually makes you live long enough?
Probably because no other activity times yes. After all, not bad money, can make clubbing and save.

Ever nge-drug?
Never, but quickly learned my lesson lucky.

The point?
The impact is really bad. Make slow (weak brains, Red), lazy.

How did you first try?
Because of friends as well. I had no idea whose name is inex or ecstasy. Suddenly there are friends who give and immediately ordered a drink. His reaction was so immediate. I did not realize until so. I see people shaking his kayak people so stupid. Indeed, the time in Bandung, I was like rah-rah but drinking only. Because the effect is not so good, finally I got to avoid.

How can you quickly realize?
Saturated after a long time as well. Moreover, I have entered the category of high doses. When I first wrote given one point.

What is actually the ideal time you decide to move from Bandung to Jakarta?
Nothing. I just play aja. When school is already often also play to Jakarta. I also do not have relatives in Jakarta. Perhaps because it also nge-dance with friends. Old-time feel at home as well.

And then you go on casting and shooting?
Yeah, but I find it impossible because there is no desire or talent to get there. But friends are always supportive. Especially when clubbing was the guests who come there are producers, directors. Yes, already, start living.

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