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Katy Perry Tertarik Pose Bugil

Singer Katy Perry perform it often enough and posing with sexy clothes. But to remove all her clothes to pose with it, Perry is not interested.
“I like sexy. But I will not do it like in Playboy. I want to be like Dita Von Teese,” he said in an interview with Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine.
Dita Von Teese mentioned Perry is American actress and model who once posed for Playboy. Three times Von Teese sexy pose in the magazine’s logo kelincit.
Katy Perry Katy Perry Tertarik Pose Bugil
Katy Perry
Katy Perry bugil Katy Perry Tertarik Pose Bugil
Katy Perry bugil
Although not want to pose bugil, do not think the wife of actor Russell Brand was not confident with her body. Perry said he is pretty sure to have beautiful skin.
According to Perry, her confidence grew as her husband’s role as well. “If we have someone who supports us, we do not care anymore what people say. We’ve got someone who loves us as it is,” he said as reported by ShowbizSpy, Monday (11/08/2010).
Chanter ‘Peacock’ is now only 26 years old. Perry felt he was in the golden age for the skin, so he was pretty confident.

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